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Map and Directions
Views of the Allan Gardens directly opposite the Scott Clinic
The Scott Clinic
157 Gerrard St. E.
Toronto, ON
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The Scott Clinic's Recorded Message

After 29 years of providing abortion care, the Scott Cinic is closing. It has been an honour to have been able to care for patients for this length of time.

We are so grateful to our patients and to our patients' doctors, all of whom have given us the unique privilege of learning so much about all aspects of reproductive health.

We are also very grateful to all of the nurses and administrative staff who have, over these 29 years, been indispensible partners in the provision of excellent care.

If the intelligence, energy, commitment and dedication of the young people who have worked and trained with us are any indication, the future of abortion care is very bright indeed.

Our generation is proud to have been able to help today's women access the legal right to abortion.

This current generation now has the opportunity and responsibility to build its own vision of this right.

Patients who recently have had procedures at The Scott Clinic may continue to contact the clinic as usual at 416-962-3753  for questions, problems and treatment.

Patients needing information about past procedures may also call the same number.

Calls from these patients and/or their doctors will be returned promptly.

Patients needing abortion services may call:

The Morgentaler Clinic at 416-932-0446.

The Cabbagetown Women's Clinic at 416-323-0642.

Choice in Health Clinic at 416-975-9300.

The Bay Centre for Birth Control at 416-351-3700.

Maria Corsillo                                    Robert H. Scott M.D.,C.M.
Clinic Manager, Co-Founder                Medical Director, Co-Founder